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Carmen Hepner-Hall, COO; Christiane Farentinos,
CEO; and Paul M. Conti, President

About Us

Mental Health Care & Consulting

Pacific Premier Group, PC is a team of clinicians, coaches and consultants focused upon solving complex problems from a trauma-centered perspective. Working in collaboration, we bring unique backgrounds to work that requires compassion and courage. For people who feel they’ve tried everything, we’re skilled at finding real, tangible solutions.

We bring science and humanity together to truly see the individual. Our services encompass brain-based consulting and mental health treatment, weaving together clinical and non-clinical work to serve all parts of a person’s life, aspirations, or business endeavors.

Medical + Therapy

Pacific Premier Medical + Therapy is composed of
licensed medical and mental health care professionals
who are attuned to trauma and life optimization.

Coaching + Consulting

Pacific Premier Coaching + Consulting® is a brain-based
professional and business consultancy adept at untangling
and solving complex issues, whatever the challenge.

Our Team

Psychiatrist, Consultant

Psychiatric Mental Health
Nurse Practitioner

Mental Health Therapist



Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Family & Addiction Medicine

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Professional Coach, Addictions Counselor, Consultant


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There are no walls to separate us from the best counsel.

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