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Who We Are

Pacific Premier Group, PC is comprised of a small group of skilled and conscientious clinicians, coaches and consultants committed to providing the highest level of mental health care and consulting to adults and adolescents. Locating our practices together allows us to offer a full range of solutions to individuals in need.

Our Mission

We deliver high quality services to individuals experiencing complex problems. We believe in a cooperative, balanced approach that includes careful need evaluation as well as understanding attempted solutions. 
That is how we find the right path forward.

Shannon Hardman

Intake Coordinator

Medical + Therapy

Pacific Premier Medical + Therapy is composed of
licensed medical and mental health care professionals
who are attuned to trauma and life optimization.

Coaching + Consulting

Pacific Premier Coaching + Consulting is a brain-based
professional and business consultancy adept at untangling
and solving complex issues, whatever the challenge.

There are no walls to separate us from the best counsel.

Our team is ready to meet you right where you are today.

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