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Pacific Premier Coaching + Consulting® is a brain-based professional and business consultancy. We are adept at untangling and solving complex issues, and bringing clarity to a variety of challenges you may be facing.

We at Pacific Premier Group, PC understand that not all of our clients’ challenges are best addressed through therapy, and that non-therapeutic interventions can help clients achieve their personal and professional potential. Pacific Premier Group, PC therefore has an affiliated consulting and coaching entity called Pacific Premier Group Coaching + Consulting that specializes in helping clients produce extraordinary results in their lives and careers.

Mental health care is never one size fits all, though our current healthcare system in the U.S. makes it seem so. There is still an unwarranted stigma surrounding mental health conditions – we believe that just like other medical conditions, anxiety, depression, compulsions, and other psychological


Professional coaching is an ongoing relationship with a certified coach that helps clients produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses, or organizations. Through the coaching process with Pacific Premier Coaching + Consulting®, you will deepen your learning, improve your performance and enhance your overall quality of life. Our work together is about self-exploration, personal growth, and expansion towards a larger, more fulfilling life. We will set goals and create action plans to reach them. Coaching work can be done individually, or in tandem with consulting or medical services. Some coaching areas include:


Our consultants partner with clients for the betterment of their lives and endeavors. We provide expert advice, support, and education, and can collaborate with you in nearly any aspect of life. Where warranted, our approach is trauma-centered, as the effects of trauma are far reaching. Though medical mental health treatment may be imperative in healing trauma, untangling the complexities of its effects upon other areas of life can be challenging. Our team creates custom plans that can work in tandem with your mental health treatment or that can be entirely unrelated to mental health treatment. Some areas may include:

With a whole-system focus, true healing and lasting improvements can occur. We are a compassionate, courageous group of experts from all walks of life. We create coaching and consulting plans that help you develop your inner leader and sense of clarity and direction. Contact us for a consultation to learn more.

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