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Pacific Premier Medical + Therapy is composed of licensed medical and mental health care professionals who are attuned to trauma and life optimization.

Mental health care is never one size fits all, though our current healthcare system in the U.S. makes it seem so. There is still an unwarranted stigma surrounding mental health – we believe that just like other medical conditions, anxiety, depression, compulsions, and other psychological conditions deserve state of the art treatment. Each individual deserves compassionate, courageous care from professionals who are invested in helping them uncover their best self. Though trauma affects each of us individually, the resulting shame and challenges touch all parts of society. The whole system must be considered in order to truly heal. We bring science and humanity together to deeply understand each unique situation, and are able to work with both adults and adolescents. Some of our services include:

We are fully invested in the individual. By creating a custom treatment plan, your individual situation will guide your healing and will help bring your best self to the surface. Contact us for a consultation to learn more.

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Addiction & Recovery Treatment

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Crisis Intervention (Worldwide)​

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Learn about our approach to Crisis Intervention (Worldwide).

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