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Pacific Premier Group, PC (PPG) brings science and humanity together to truly see the individual.

Founded in 2014 by Dr. Paul Conti, PPG’s approach blends both brain biology and psychology. Our work acknowledges and honors the devastating effects trauma can have upon individuals and the systems they inhabit. Although our work is not exclusively related to trauma, we find that the impact of trauma is often present as we collaborate to solve problems and improve lives. Our focus includes families, businesses, wealth transition planning, and high profile careers.
We offer comprehensive mental health care, business and other consulting services, and medical opinions for the legal arena. Approaching your challenges from a holistic perspective guides us in helping you find your vision, coming from a place of compassion and empathy.

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Our Values

  • People are Not Broken: Trauma does not indicate a broken person, and people don’t need to be “repaired.” We focus on giving people the tools and guidance needed to heal and integrate their trauma, or other stressors unrelated to trauma, into their whole self.
  • Trauma-Centered Care: Trauma has far-reaching impact upon all parts of society. Trauma can be contagious, the effects spreading like a virus, affecting the next generation on a genetic level. We cannot ignore trauma, nor the fact that we have all experienced it in some way.
  • Whole System Focus: An individual’s trauma doesn’t just affect themselves. Ultimately, it can harm families, businesses, friends, and others with whom the individual interacts. Many of our patients and clients feel they’ve already tried everything, and it is vital to dig into all parts of a situation to fully heal.
  • Revealing the Inner Leader: When freed from the distress and shame of trauma, individuals are able to process their experiences and find clarity in their personal ambitions and strengths. Uncovering their personal vision and holding space for it creates a solid foundation for nurturing an inner leader.

Our Offices

We have physical offices in Portland, OR and New York, NY. Our offices allow us to service patients and clients in multiple locations easily. We offer online sessions so coaching and consulting can be provided throughout USA and abroad — although we can establish care only in jurisdictions in which we are licensed – and in certain circumstances medical or therapy providers, and coaches or consultants, can travel with or to patients or clients. Please inquire regarding states within which we are licensed to provide mental health care.
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What Clients and Patients are Saying

Why Us?

Pacific Premier Group is a private mental health clinic that is deeply skilled in finding solutions for patients who have tried “everything”.

Our team is able to operate creatively within the areas of interest to our patients and clients. We can create custom solutions for the individuals we serve because we are not constrained by barriers or insurance limitations. We operate on a case consultation or fee-for-service basis, outside the confines of traditional insurance in situations where we are providing clinical care. Learn more on our Policies page, and contact us for a consultation.

We Want To Help You Quickly and Effectively

PPG & Insurance

It has been our experience that working within the confines of insurance and their requirements has always complicated and often impeded the care of patients. For this reason we operate as a fee-for-service clinic. This means PPG is neither in-network with insurance companies, nor billing insurance companies for services. Clients of PPG are provided a detailed “Receipt of Service” upon receiving services – this documentation can be submitted to insurance companies to seek reimbursement at an out-of-network rate. Following the provision of the “Receipt of Service”, reimbursement is the sole responsibility of the client. Visit our Policies page for additional office procedures.

*Pacific Premier Group, PC does not participate with Medicare or Medicaid

There are no walls to separate us from the best counsel.

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